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Итальянская  мебель  с выставки   магазина House of Italy. Итальянская

мягкая  мебель, спальни, столовая мебель. Россия.

Итальянская  мебель будет доставленна  Вам  надом,  прямо от  производителя из Италии

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La via della  seta is a range of living and ding room furniture crafted using solid woods.  To see it is to want it.  Characteristic of the best designs, this range will enhance both a traditional home and a modern living space.  Picture it in a warehouse apartment or an elegant country house - in either setting both the home and the furniture will mutually enhance each other creating you a perfect desirable and stylish home.

Corte Caneviera continues La via della setta's love of beautifully crafted solid woods in its own style of living and dining furniture.  Here the style is a little more classic but, as with our other new range, perfectly at home in both modern and traditional settings.

Both ranges feature great and flexible storage to accommodate all your needs.

From Italy Italian Furniture - styel and design with passion., where style, design and craftsmanship are a passion and a way of life.

Our photographs can, at best, give you only an idea of the ranges.  This Italian furniture needs to be seen and touched.  To see it is to want it - so be warned!